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fold faq

What is a slide master?

contains all the information regarding design, colors, backgrounds, effects, font colors, positioning or size of placeholders.

fold faq

Can I insert a word file in PowerPoint?

There are two possibilities. You can choose the Insert/Object function in the PPT menu and then select the file and simply insert it. You can also create a shortcut between the file and the PowerPoint presentation instead of integrating it using the same menu. For this purpose the files must be placed in the same folder.

Category: Powerpoint Windows
fold faq

Can I put links from one slide to another?

In order to do so the presentation should first be created without interfering with the slide master. Following this, you can put hyperlinks in the presentation by selecting the desired slide, then right-click, Window, Hyperlink, Current Document. Then you will see a display of all slides. You can now choose the slide which you would like to link to.

Category: Powerpoint Mac
fold faq

How can I insert an image into a presentation?

If you would like to insert images into a presentation, you can use the menu Insert – Graphics – ClipArt. You simply choose "Insert" but there are not a lot of functions for ClipArt. Can I combine a slideshow, music and interactive presentations within a PowerPoint presentation? This is in fact possible. The first presentation is the normal one so to speak and is started in the presentation mode as usual. In order to switch to the operating system level you press Alt TAB. This will start a self-executing PPTS which can be provided with music in endless loop according to your needs. You can switch to normal mode again by pressing Alt TAB.

fold faq

Can I send my presentation via email?

This is possible without any effort. However, if you do not want the addressee to be able to change your presentation subsequently, you should observe the following. Save your PowerPoint presentation in format PPS. This also allows the addressee to start the presentation conveniently by double clicking after receiving it by email.

fold faq

Can I open a Microsoft PowerPoint file on my Mac?

In principle this is possible. For this purpose you should have the Microsoft PowerPoint software for Mac. After its successful installation you will be able to open, read, change or adapt the presentations on your Mac.

fold faq

Can I insert a video into a PowerPoint presentation?

Yes! This is essentially very easy and can be done via the Insert function. As long as the presentation will run on the same computer, there will usually be no problems. These will only occur when the presentation is to be run on a different PC. In this case you would have to pass on the media files as well so that they can be integrated into the presentation again on the new computer. If the presentation is crucial, we advise against this procedure.

fold faq

What is to be done if a y-axis disappears?

In this case the y-axis has usually been formatted in a way so that it can no longer be visible. First of all, you should mark the chart. Then you open the tab under chart tools or layout. On the left-hand side you find a group: Current Selection. Choose the vertical axis within the drop-down menu. Following this, you click on the button "Format Selection". If you then select "Format Axis" and "Adapt Axis Options", the y-axis will be visible again.

fold faq

A chart cannot be moved by the arrow key?

The problem is the following: If you want to move a whole chart using the arrow keys, you usually select the chart thereby marking the chart elements one by one. The chart itself, however, will remain in the same place.

In order to move the chart, you carry out the following steps:
•    Click outside the chart so that nothing is selected any more
•    Hold down the control key and click on the chart frame
•    The round corner marks tell you if the chart has been selected
•    Now you can move the chart without any problems

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