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  • Production
  • Makeover
  • Animation
  • Template production
  • Design outsourcing
  • Word doc layouts
  • Excel doc layouts
  • Logo design
  • Graphic design

Powerpoint Presentations

We produce your PowerPoint presentations

  • Production of new presentations
  • Enhancement of handwritten notes and drawings
  • Makeover of Powerpoint presentations
  • Production of professional templates
  • Layouts of Word and Excel documents

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Whether you just have handwritten material that you want to turn into a PowerPoint presentation, or you already possess digital documents like Word-, Excel- or such which shall be implemented into your presentation, we'll reliably support you and take care of the production process.

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We offer our clients two different service models for the production of PowerPoint presentations. Click here for details and pricing.

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Effective PowerPoint Designs

For a PowerPoint presentation, the design is equally important to the actual content. Both factors are crucial in order to convince the audience – while a nice layout will not suffice if the content is presented clumsily, the same can be said vice versa. No matter how cleverly the words might be chosen or how interesting the presentation’s topic might be, with an amateurish design it is very unlikely to be successful.

Many aspects contribute to professional PowerPoint designs, such as:

• The choice of the template and its relation to the content • The choice of colors (background and text) • The text size and amount of text per slide • The choice of graphics, tables, video clips, animations etc.

Without a certain experience in digital designing, there is always the danger of appearing unprofessional. For instance, there are some font types that seem less prestigious than others, and presenting walls of text may quickly make an unprofessional impression.

Your Custom PowerPoint Design

Our agency is a respectable partner for professional Power Point designs. Since creating an effective Power Point presentation demands a particular amount of time as well as a certain know-how, our qualified designers are an enormous help to many companies. If you are in need of a professionally designed and structured .ppt document, our experienced team offers Power Point presentations of high quality based on our clients’ individual notes. They can make use of our service either project-based or on a regular basis.

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