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PowerPoint Services

When it comes to creating PowerPoint presentations, we offer two different service models to our clients:

Ad hoc support

If you require only occasional support for the designing of PowerPoint presentations, our ad hoc support model is ideal for you. You can ask about free production capacities via email without any obligation and will receive an answer within a short period of time stating whether we are able to create or rework your presentation within your deadline. If there are free capacities, you can send or fax us your notes and we will design your presentation according to your specifications.

Costs per hour

US-$ 25 plus plus VAT for ad hoc work

Please note that within our ad hoc business model every deadline has to be confirmed by us unless the capacity has been booked in advance. Weekend work requires an additional charge of 100 percent. Since the time required for the creation of your presentation depends on the complexity of the charts, we can only estimate the hours required after we have received your slides or notes.

Dedicated team / capacities

If you have regular demand for PowerPoint design services, it could be financially more attractive to arrange fixed capacities with us. You can book dedicated PowerPoint designers creating or reworking your PowerPoint presentations exclusively for you for a duration of three, six or twelve months. You fix the hours when your PowerPoint designer in our business unit should work for you in order to support you optimally.

Costs per designer per month (eight hours per day, five days per week)

A minimum of six months: US-$ 2,400 plus per month plus VAT

A minimum of twelve months: US-$ 2,300 plus per month plus VAT

Further graphic services

If you are interested in further graphic services, please contact us using our contact form. We will send you a personalized offer as quickly as possible.


Do you have further questions?

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